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Play it Through – Sweet Home

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Hey everyone on this update its Sweet Home. Easily one of the first horror based rpgs to ever hit the market and its the Grandfather of Survivor Horror games. Many of those who worked on the Resident Evil series drew inspiration from this very game. It has a unique party system and causes you to manage your items and equipment effectively in order to advance to the next part. Enjoy!!!

Game Music Appreciation Theater Double Post – Castlevania 2 Simons Quest and Castlevania Adventure

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Hey everyone here is a quick update with two Game Music Appreciation Theaters both from the Castlevania series one being on the Nintendo Entertainment System and the other on the Gameboy. Enjoy!!

Castlevania 2 Simons Quest

Castlevania Adventure

Play it Through – Faxanadu

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Hey everyone time for another update from Cornshaq and this time its my complete run of Faxanadu for the NES. This is an all time great adventure game for the system made by Falcom. Falcom is also responsible for the Dragon Slayer series which this is a spin off of as well as the Ys series. Faxanadu is one of those games that you need to talk to everyone to find out what the heck you are suppose to do. There are also sometimes when you need to build money up in order to buy certain items. The game does have some control issues but that can be forgiven since it was a pretty early title coming out in 1987 in Japan. Enjoy

Game Music Appreciation Theater – 2 Epic Games Battle of Olympus and Faxanadu

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Hey everyone its time for another Cornshaq update and this time around I bring you Battle of Olympus and Faxanadu two of my all time favorites. Not just in gameplay but especially because of the soundtracks. Battle of Olympus was composed by Kazuo Sawa who also worked on Super Dodge Ball, Nintendo World Cup, and River City Ransom. Enjoy!

Next up is Faxanadu a game in the Dragon Slayer series by Falcom. This game is another example of great adventure gameplay on the NES. The soundtrack composed by the team at Falcom who are also responsible for other great games including the Ys series show how to create a great soundtrack that fits the mode of each area of the game. Enjoy!

Play it Through – Track and Field 1 and 2

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Hey everyone its time for another Play it Through post from me Cornshaq and its my runs of Track and Field and Track and Field 2. Both of these games are classic olympic style games with Track and Field 2 being my overall favorite of the Olympic games on the NES. In these runs I just go ahead and complete each event one time just to show them off. I also do use the turbo button often in the run because the button mashing gets to a ridiculous level in these two titles. Enjoy!!!!

Track and Field 1

Track and Field 2

True Gaming Song of the Week – August 10, 2008

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Hey everyone its time for another song of the week and I know this one is pretty late since it is already Tuesday. I am sorry for taking so long I actually thought I had already posted it but I guess I didn’t lol. Anyway its my pick again and this time I have chosen a song froma¬† fighting game series that seems to be pretty much done. That would be Bloody Roar a fighting game that added and interesting concept to the genre which was switching between normal fighter and there animal counterpart. The game I choose in particular is Bloody Roar 3 for the arcade and PS2. The composer is Takayuki Negishi who mainly works on Anime soundtracks including Card Captor Sakura Ichigo 100%, One Piece, and Tokyo Mew Mew. The song I chose is Mystery Relics. Enjoy!!!

For more information on Bloody Roar 3 check out.

For more information on Takayuki Nagishi check out.

Game Music Appreciation Theater – Predator

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Hey everyone its time for anothe Game Music Appreciation Theater. This time its Predator brought to us by Pack-In Games a company that also made Friday the 13th, Die Hard, and Knight Ryder. For the most part Pack-In games made bad or middle of the road games. The thing is most of the music in the games is good and great to listen to especially Rambo and the Cabin song from Friday the 13th. Enjoy!!

Game Music Appreciation Theater – Top Gun 1 and 2

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Hey everyone its time for another update from me and with it is a new Game Music Appreciation Theater. It is for both Top Gun games on the NES. The reason for both games in one is simple Top Gun really didn’t have enough songs for a GMAT of its own. Both of these games have been critized but they really brought forth the flight sim genre that continues today. The two soundtracks were composed by two different teams Top Gun 1 was composed by Kyouhei Sada and Kazuki Muraoka. Sada also worked on Contra and Abadox, Muraoka is one of the main composers for the Metal Gear series doing music for almost every game in the series. Top Gun: The Second Mission was composed by Harumi Ueko, Yuichi Sakakura, and H. Maezawa. Sakakura work on two of the TMNT games, Ueko also did work on some TMNT games as well as the silent scope series and Maezawa worked on Contra, Super C, and Lethal Enforcers. Enjoy!!!

Game Music Appreciation Theater – Batman Return of the Joker

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Hey everyone its time for another update from me Cornshaq and this time is another great Game Music Appreciation Theater of the game Batman Return of the Joker. This game was created by the great team at Sunsoft who worked on great titles such as the first Batman game as well as Blaster Master, and Gremlins 2. The soundtrack was composed by the great team of Naoki Kodaka and Nobuyuki Hara. Enjoy!

4th of July Special – Oregon Trail by Cornshaq

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Happy 4th of July everyone from everyone here at True Gaming. Hope you are having a great holiday. To those who come to our site from outside the US I hope you are having a great day as well no matter what you are doing. Anyway to celebrate the holiday I went ahead and did a quick run of Oregon Trail for the Win32 computer system. I think at one time or another as kids we all played at least one version of this game it doesn’t matter if it was for the Apple II or Windows we all most likely have at least one memory of this game even if it is the fact all our characters died. Have a great day and enjoy the video!!


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