Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 Parts 17 and 18

Hello all its time for my first update to the True Gaming website and it comes in the form of the next 2 parts of my Breath of Fire 1run. In part 17 I loot the houses in the town of Auria and find out that in order to use the ship I need to save Ross’s daughter who is being held in the safe. Well nothing we can do right now so I have to head to the town of Bleak. After a pretty short cave filled with random encounters I make it close to Bleak.

Part 18 is focused on mainly earning enough money to buy a Gold Bar in order to trade with the village elder of Bleak in order to get an icicle so I can enter the desert. I have to do some odd jobs like fix an old mans back and save a man who was put under a spell by fairies who want to protect their home from loggers. I earn enough money buy the gold bar and trade it with the elder in order to get the icicle.


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