Two-Tailed Playthrough – The 7th Saga Parts 28 and 29

Hey everyone here’s my first update for TrueGaming and it is the next two parts of my 7th Saga playthrough. In part 28 I reach the town of Belaine after a somewhat lengthy journey. Once there I sell some items in preparation of buying a new weapon. We also learn that Belaine is on the verge of war with the nearby town of Telaine due to the rise in price of precious ore used to create weapons and armor that is Belaine’s trade.

In part 29 I head for Telaine and talk with the king then head to a cave nearby to get to the Islands of Beore where the lost civilization of Luze is located. The civilization of Luze worshiped the Sky Rune in it’s Palace. Unfortunately the civilization was destroyed by a dragon and now lay in ruins. The Sky Rune is rumored to still be there which is why I am heading there now. The cave is really annoying and long so it will probably take a couple more videos to do.


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