Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 Parts 19 and 20

Hello all in this update its 2 new parts to Breath of Fire 1 on the SNES. First in part 19 I leave bleak and head to a small cave nearby. After a pretty straight forward cave I end up in the Desert. The desert is long and filled with random battles but I soon arrive at the town of Arad. In Arad I find out a Sandworm has been causing havoc and it must be stopped. So of course its time for me and my team to take it out. This was the perfect chance to use my Dragon abilities for the first time.

In Part 20 we leave Arad after receiving a treasure so we can enter the Krypt. Inside the krypt which is filled with traps and treasure we run into a evil little guy named Eye-Spy. Of course he is not happy we are there so he must be taken out. A battle ensues and after which we find ourselves in a room filled with treasure. Of course its a trap and the room starts to fill with water. Of course just in knick of time Karn shows up to help us. After the water has been taken care of we convince Karn that we need him and he joins the party making him the fourth member of the group.


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