Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 Parts 21 and 22

Hello all its time for another update from me, and its in the from of the next two parts of Breath of Fire 1. In part 21 with Karn now a full member of the team we trudge to the bottom of the Krypt to locate a book he is looking for. After searching every coffin we finally find the book and begin to make our way back out of the Krypt

In part 22 I finally make it out of the Krypt and head back to the town of thieves Bleak. From Bleak I make my way into a tower near by and with Karn able to open the front gate I can head inside. I make my way up the tower and do battle with the not so tough Cloud boss and receive not just the key from the top of the tower but the mirror as well.


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