Two-Tailed Playthrough – The 7th Saga parts 38, 39, and 40

Hey everyone today is a special triple update with parts 38, 39, and 40!  The upcoming boss battle took longer than expected and rather than leave everyone hanging I decided to upload the next part where I finish the fight.  In part 38 I head for Bilthem where everyone is unusually loyal to their leader, Doros.  I say unusually because the Inn won’t let foreigners stay, the shops won’t sell to anyone but Doros, and all anyone says is how great Doros is.  Something isn’t right so it’s time to have a ‘talk’ with this Doros.  I head into his castle and make my way to him.

In part 39 I continue making my way through Doros’ castle.  Why any leader would want a castle full of monsters is beyond me.  I’d fill mine with gold or cookies or dirt (the kind you can eat), but that’s just me.  This castle is annoying because there are these walls of fire that pop up and block your path, forcing you to find another way around.  They aren’t too hard to maneuver around and I eventually find my way into the dungeon which surprisingly has no monsters in it.  After freeing an elderly prisoner he gives me a Star and says it will save my life against Doros.  All for taking him down I take the star and make my way to Doros, getting past his monsters and walls of fire to begin the battle.

In part 40 I finish the fight with Doros and not only free the people of Bilthem from his mind control (loyalty HA!) but I get the Moon Rune too!  Woo!  Five down, two to go!  With Doros gone the monsters are gone as well and I’m free to roam the castle and pick up the chests I missed.  Then I head back into Bilthem and rest at the Inn, which will now accept me, then find the shops.  With another town saved it’s on to my next destination!


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