Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire Parts 23, 24, and 25

Hello all in this updates its the next two parts of Breath of Fire 1. In Part 23 I leave the tower and head into the cave nearby to grab another gold bar with the help of Karn. I then head to Auria where I free the daughter of Ross from the safe and then convince Ross with the help of the mirror to give me the light key. So I have both the light and dark keys. After that I do battle with an officer and he ends up sinking the ship I was gonna use, because of that I trade my gold bar to Gobi for some gun powder to blow up some rocks in a cave north of Auria.

In Part 24 I exit the cave into a small port and encampment. I jump aboard one of there ships and do battle with an officer who turns into the Squid boss. After the battle I head back to Auria and we board the ship and set sail.

In part 25 I have to take on some officers who boarded the ship and tried to take us down. After a few battles I blow the ship up with some gunpowder. In the water Gobi helps us survive and make it to an island. Gobi then sets off by himself to get some gills.


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