Two-Tailed Playthrough – The 7th Saga parts 45 and 46

Hey everyone it’s time for another update and this time it’s parts 45 and 46. In part 45 I make it out of that cave and as I’m leaving I’m hit with some sort of unbearable pain. Whatever it was is keeping me from using my magic. That is a big problem so hopefully the people in the next town will know what is causing it.

In part 46 I learn that the Sage in Guanta cursed me because he thought I was evil. Me, evil? Never. Well he soon realized that he made a mistake and I was good but it’s too late as he can’t remove the curse. I have no choice but to go after the “Moonlight” that King Lemele used to defeat Goriso many years ago. Gariso was an evil being who lived on this planet 100 years ago, and King Lemele banished him to the Dark World with an item called the “Moonlight”. But it would appear that Gariso is back from the Dark World, and the prophet of Valenca wishes for me to find the “Moonlight” and defeat him again before his evil power destroys the world. I didn’t talk to him in the run (yet) but that is what he wants me to do.


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