Two-Tailed Playthrough – The 7th Saga parts 47 and 48

Hey everyone it’s time for another update and this time it’s parts 47 and 48. In part 47 I recap on what happened about the curse, pay a visit to the prophet in Valenca, then head out for the Cave of Silence. The “Moonlight” resides in the Cave of Silence and I need to get it to not only defeat Goriso and send him back to the Dark World (again) but to lift the curse that the Sage put on me that is preventing me from using magic.

In part 48 I head for the real Cave of Silence and make my way through. It isn’t a long cave but is filled with many different paths and can be pretty confusing. The enemies aren’t that hard but I run out of Mirrors which leaves me wide open for Petrify attacks, which the enemies love to use.


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