Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 Parts 28 29, and 30

Hello all its time for another update from yours truly White Mage Whitney. In part 28 I finish up another giant frog boss. Then head back to Gant to fix the boomerrang. After that I head to a small place near Gant to talk to an old man who was once in the Dragon Army. He informs me that using the GrimFowl may work to my advantage in getting into the next Castle. So thats where I head the GrimFowl forrest.

In part 29 I steal the GrimFowl egg and do battle with the Mother Grimfowl. After the battle the other GrimFowl help me enter the nearby Castle. After that we find out the army is getting ready to attack Prima but we are gonna need help from a Sorceress to save Prima. So I head off back to the desert and to the town of Wisdon.

Then in part 30 I head farther into the underground of Wisdon and end up in the bedroom of the Sorceress Bleu. I then do battle with her three guardians in order to prove that I am worth talking to her. After the battles they wake her up and she gives us an egg that we need to hatch.


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