Play it Through – Friday the 13th

Hey everyone this is the first exclusive Play it Through for True Gaming and its Friday the 13th. Now I did do this game before but I redid it with the intro and new commentary to just make it overall better quality. In this run I use the Quick Torch method and explain it in detail in case you have never seen the game done before. I also kill Jason’s Mother on day 2 to get the sweater. The final battle with Jason comes down to the wire with each of us having only one hit left. Enjoy!


3 Responses to “Play it Through – Friday the 13th”

  1. RoadBusterX Says:

    Nice to see the site is up and running. This playthrough was one of my favorites. I always thought this game was rather fun as a kid. It was very scary as well since Jason could pop up all over the map.

  2. Cool. The new record is 3:09, which is the world record by me XD

    Not trying to brag….. lol but really, nice run corn! ^^

  3. R_simeroth8 Says:

    i got a question if you die with the torch do you lose it

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