Two-Tailed Playthrough – The 7th Saga parts 51 and 52

Hey everyone it’s time for another update and today it’s parts 51 and 52. We’re nearing the end of the game as I hunt for the 7th and final rune, the Wizard rune. In part 51 I make my way through the cave that holds it, taking out the dragon Monmo that was blocking my path. After that I head deeper into the cave and eventually to a red caver that holds some nice items.

In part 52 I finish up in the red cavern and after a little bit of backtracking make my way to Goriso, the evil being who returned from the Dark World after being banished by King Lamele 100 years ago. I have to beat him to save the world from evil and ensure peace and prosperity. It’s the ultimate battle between good and evil! Who will win?  We shall see.


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