Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 – Parts 31, 32, and 33

Hello all its time for another update from yours truley White Mage Whitney and its guess what……more Breath of Fire 1 on the snes. In part 31 I leave Wisdon and head back underwater to a underwater volcano. In the volcano I dorp the egg Bleu gave us into the Volcano then head back to Bleu who now joins the team. With Bleu apart of the party I head back to Prima and get ready for the showdown with the invading army. After the Typhoon Bug that was inside the egg takes out half of the troops the rest of them retreat. I then do battle with one of the generals who turns into a giang crab.

In part 32 the battle with the giant crab is finished. After the battle my team is congratulated by the leader of Prima and Gobi gets his license back and the ability to turn into a giant fish. With this ability I head to Tunlan and get Rod 5. I then head back to Romero and travel through the forest to a well that sits alone at the edge of the forest. I use the rod I got in Tunlan to fish out the Dragonsword. The Dragonsword is used to get the next Dragon abilities for Ryu.

In part 33 I head to the second Dragon Shrine and do battle with another boss to get Ryu his second group of dragon abilities. I then head north of Tunlan to the town of Gust and into the cave just north of it. Inside we run into the evil Cort who shrinks the team. Now very tiny I head into a crack in a wall and meet some mice who are in need of help.


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