Two-Tailed Playthrough – The 7th Saga parts 55 and 56

Hey everyone it’s time for another update! We’re getting ever closer to the end of the game and today’s update, parts 55 and 56, reveal lots about what’s going on. In part 55 I make it to the Kingdom of Ligena and talk with the elder. He tells me that I’ve been sent back 5000 years into the past! That’s why no one knew of the cities and continents I spoke of or where I was from! Gorisa is so powerful he escaped to the future where Saro couldn’t get to him and got me to get the seven runes containing his power for him, then blasted me back to the past when he had no further use for me. Now I have to find Saro and find a way to defeat Gorisa. The people of Melenam may know what to do. So it’s time to talk to the man who has an airship and can take me to the continent of Melenam. It hasn’t sunk yet remember?

In part 56 I get a lift to Melenam on the airship and explore the city a little. There isn’t much to do at the moment so I head out to the nearby town of Palsu, where only children and elderly remain. The youth of the town goes to Melenam to become great scientists and inventors and scholars, so only the children and elderly are left in the town. One old woman asks me to deliver a letter to her son in Melenam, which I humbly accept. So it’s back to Melenam to deliver the letter! The woman’s son is in the underground lab of Melenam, which happens to be the area I walked through way back in the beginning of the game. Talk about a stroll down memory lane!


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