Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 Parts 34, 35, and 36

Hello everyone its time for another update from White Mage Whitney and this time is more Breath of Fire 1 on the Snes. In part 34 I have three boss battles to deal with. First its a battle against 3 roaches. After the battle the mice i met reward me with the cure to get back to normal size. I then head into the basement of this cave and after a little bit of moving platforms I do battle with a large Ogre. After the battle the Ogre turns back into Nicolie one of the towns people of Gust. I take him back to Gust where Bleu needs Oil in order to save him. I stop first at a cave inside of Gust to grab a large gold fly who is not to happy to go with me and I have to beat him down first.

Then in part 35 I go talk to a group of frogs to get the oil Bleu needs. I then head back to Bleu and Nicolie wakes up and says the giant plant is causing the problems in the village (duh). So I head north and do battle with the plant. I then return to Bleu and find out Nicolie has turned back into a Ogre and I have to face him again. After that I grab the flute and some new equipment and then head north.

And finally in part 36 I start off with the battle I have been waiting for against Cort who turns into a giant board. After that I head to the mole village near by and find out that Mogu is sick and I need to help him. So I head to Tunlan and find out to get the help I need I need to convince the princess to not give up the time key to the enemy. I then spy on her and get the secret code for the vault.

Warning I stand around doing nothing for a little in this video just to pass the time from day to night.


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