Two-Tailed Playthrough – The 7th Saga parts 57 and 58

Hey everyone it’s time for another update. Just a handful of updates left as we are so close to the end of this game. In part 57 I deliver the letter from the old woman to her son and he shows his appreciation by showing me the lab where they are working on their secret weapon for combating Gorisa. The weapon is a giant Tetujin called Foma, and it can use the power of the dark world as a weapon and defeat Gorisa. The only problem is they aren’t sure they can control it after it completes this task. I leave them to their work and head back to Palsu to get another level and buy some new weapons and armor.

In part 58 I return to Melenam and there’s an alarm sounding! What could it be? What else but Foma going out of control. Something triggered it and it started moving. There’s nothing they can do to stop it so it’s up to me to put it out of it’s misery. Foma is one tough cookie and after a lengthy fight I finally beat him. We get to see Melenam sink into the sea as it’s force shield is destroyed in the fight somehow. Thankfully everyone made it to safety on the airship, which is now on the Barluca continent. This is the final area in the game and there is only one town left. I stock up on items and buy new armor at the shops on the airship before setting out to the last town in the game. The airship holds the last shops in the game so I’ll be coming back here offscreen at some point.


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