Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 SUPER DELUX BLOWOUT 4 NEW PARTS!!! 37 – 40

Hello Everyone!! its time for another update from me White Mage Whitney and it is not 1 not 2 heck not even 3 its 4 brand new parts of Breath of Fire 1. Ok lets get it started in part 37 I break into the fault in Tunlan but am stopped by the princess. Cerl shows up and steals the key then leaves without giving eternal youth to the princess. The princess of course gets mad and a humorus comfrontation breaks out. In the end I end up with the item I need then its back to the town of the moles to enter Mogu’s dreams. Inside the dream world inside Mogu’s head I first head to the large tower and run into the force behind the problem. The thing is I can’t fight him yet I first need to gather the emotions of Mogu together before I can take the evil out. So I head back to where I started in the dream world and find out that Courage is in a cave to the south. So I set off to the south and head for one of the worst places in the game.

Then in part 38 I head into the swamp inside Mogu’s dream which is one of my least favorite places in this game. I am able to navigate with not to much trouble and make my way to where Courage was hidding. After getting Courage the other emotions join together and Mogu is whole once again and joins my party. I then have to go back throught the swamp 😦 then I start to head back to the tower.

In part 39 I make my way back to the tower and make my way slowly up the annoying tower. At the top the evil force turns into a giant moth and of course I have to take it out. After a rather easy battle I have saved Mogu who after we leave his dream wakes back up and joins us again this time in the real world. I then head to the south and enter a new cave.

Last but not least in part 40 I start off by getting out of the small cave. I end up in a place covered in snow and a town called spring which makes little sense but hey they are under a course right now and spring is more like winter. I buy some equipment and head to the tower south of Spring. This is one of the weirdest towers because every floor is a different terrain with different monsters. When I make it to the top and try to get the key Mote appears and sends me to a dream world he created inside his head. Once there I head off to another tower and begin my journey up it.


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