Two-Tailed Playthrough – The 7th Saga parts 61 and 62

Hey everyone it’s time for another update. I’m happy to announce that the update after this one will be the last update! That’s right, we’re at the end and all that’s standing in our way is Gorisa! In part 61 I finish off the first guardian Gorisa left to ensure no one got to Saro and head further into the cave. Not soon after descending some stairs do I run into the second and final guardian. This one is even tougher than the last one but after a lengthy fight I take him down. With the guardians out of the way I’m free to press on and I finally meet Saro! He is alive but only just and his power is fading fast. With his last breath he asks me to take down Gorisa and tells me he removed the curse on the runes. He then passes on. Having finished up in the cave I head out via death warp and return to the village of Saro’s Followers, who have all moved into the building on the right. They felt Saro’s death and give me the runes back. Sadly they don’t have the powers they did before. With the runes back I can now take down Gorisa so after a quick rest at the inn I head out for his palace.

In part 62 I make my way to Gorisa’s palace, Gorfun. It’s a somewhat long trip and the monsters are only getting stronger. I eventually make it to the palace and work my way through. The castle is a big maze and if you don’t know your way through you’ll have a really hard time, especially with the monsters as strong as they are. Thankfully it’s pretty short when you know the way so I can get through it pretty fast.


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