Express Delivery – Arabian Nights

Hey everyone this is the first episode of Express Delivery a new show where we are True Gaming look at great import titles that you may want to check out. On this edition its Arabian Nights its a great rpg that came out late in the snes run by a company named Pandora Box. Pandora Box also does the Oni series of games which came out on multiple platforms including the gameboy and the playstation 1 as well as another great rpg gem on the Snes called Traverse. Another big title from Pandora Box which is popular due to fan translation is the Magic Knight Rayearth rpg for the snes. Sadly Pandora Box no longer makes games ending there production of titles in 2001.

For more information of Arabian Nights check out its page on

Also be sure to check out Japangamestock not only to purchase this title but other great titles as well

If you enjoyed the music played throughout this video check out the full soundtrack posted on my somevideogamemusic youtube account at

Of course since this is the first video please feel free to give comments, suggestions, or whatever on how we can improve this series.


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