Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 5 Part Spectacular Parts 44 – 48

Hello everyone its time for a HUGE!! update from myself White Mage Whitney its five yes five brand new parts of Breath of Fire 1 this update is my biggest ever so lets get it started. Up first part 44 I head up to the top of Cerl’s tower and confront her. She is not to happy and decides to mess up time even more and sends my party out of the tower seperated. As just Ryu I work my way back to Carmen and join back up with my team. I then begin my way back up the tower to meet with Cerl again.

Then in part 45 I head back to the top of the tower and this time with the help of Cerl’s childhood friend we start to do battle. Cerl stops the battle after only a little bit and once again messes up time and splits the party up. I get the party back together and find out to get Cerl to let us in the new tower she went to I need some fruit from her childhood. So I put Ox in the front of the party and punch a tree a grab some fruit and head to Cerl’s new hidding place. Cerl lets us in and decides to give us the key. Goda finds out and after we leave the tower Cerl’s childhood friend enters the tower and the whole tower disappears in time. I then head back to the first tower and place the key into the top to set time back to normal. By doing so it causes a time rift and Nina gets sucked in. We find her in Tunlan but she is suffering from amnesia and I have to figure out how to cure it.

In part 46 I find out I need a tonic to help Nina and her amnesia. I already have most of the ingridents and all I need is a poison fish. So I head out and get a poison fish and bring it back to the doctor who makes me the tonic. I then go to Tunlan and cure Nina of her amnesia and she rejoins now older and can use her bird powers to transform into a giant bird to help us get around. I start doing some item collecting and get the rest of the Dragon Armor Pieces then I head to the next Dragon Shrine and get Ryu’s third dragon powers.

Next in part 47 I head back to the cave where I got the water to cure the zombies in romero and head into the water. Under the water is a small cave with a dragon spirit that gives Ryu his last and most powerful dragon power Agni! I then I head to Scande and find out I need to fix the elevator so I got get the broken parts. I then head to Gant where a old man fixes the parts then I take them back to Scande. At the top I find out I am going to need a secret weapon to take out the dragons. Well the weapon is a song and its in Tunlan so I go get the song and then go back to Scande again.

Last for today is part 48 I finish up the tower in Scande and reach Zog at the top. So its finally time for the battle with Zog and its a easy fight since I use Agni. After that we find out the true bad guy in the game and its Jade who is using Sara (Ryu’s Sister) to help him. After escaping with the friendly mole people I head to the tower of Agua and begin my way up for a showdown with Jade.

Just to let everyone know the next update will be the end of Breath of Fire 1 and then I will be starting Breath of Fire 2.


2 Responses to “Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 5 Part Spectacular Parts 44 – 48”

  1. Fury of Rudra Says:

    Wow, it’s been over ten years since i played this game. I remember it being incredibly difficult and the full set of Dragon gear was practically impossible to find, but that was back before walkthroughs were so common on the internet. It’s nice to see it again; it was one of my most favorite games.

  2. Fury of Rudra Says:

    I should also add that I found this website because I was doing a search for BoF games, and I’m currently playing through Dragon Quarter. đŸ˜€

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