Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 1 Final Update Parts 49 – 53

Hello all its time for the final update to Breath of Fire 1 and it comes with five parts. Part 52 is only about 3 minuets long because it is just the end of the final battle and part 53 is just the ending which is about 8 minuets long so thats just a little heads up. I hope you have enjoyed watching my game play of Breath of Fire 1 and I will be back in a few days with the first update to the next game I am playing Breath of Fire 2 on the Super Nintendo. So lets get going with the parts starting with part 49 I begin my long way up one the second to last dungeon of the game. This dungeon includes many elements from other dungeons but overall its not to difficult. I run into Sara along the way and even though she doesn’t want to her mind control kicks in and a fight begins. I continue my way up the tower. When I get to the top I have showdown with Jade but he is to concerned with rising the Obelisk and the confrontation is a quick one. The camera fades out and I find out Ryu was knocked out for three days and that we were saved by Sara. It is now time to get ready for the final dungeon and finally take out Jade.

In part 50 I have to do a little sidequest in order to enter the Obelisk. I have to get the Iron Claw and to do so I have to run back and forth between this old women who is a weapon collector and the Old Soilder who helped us earlier in the game. Once I have the Iron Claw I go to the Mole town where the master digger tells Mogu how to use it. Then its off to the Obelisk and the final battles. Inside the tower I use the Iron Claw to enter and then begin my way through the dungeon. I run into Goda and I finally get to do battle with this evil guy.

Then in part 51 I finish up Goda and continue my way through the dungeon. At the end I meet up with Jade. After a conversation the battle begins and with a lot of help from Agni I take care of him pretty easily. After the battle we find out the Goddess has been resurected and I have to stop it. After the Goddess heals me and overall doesn’t seem so bad the battle begins. She just looks like someone who wouldn’t mean any harm until I zap her once with Agni and thats when the real battle begins.

In part 52 I finish up the battle with the final boss in the game Tyr the Goddess.

Now its fime to just sit back and relax and watch part 53 the ending to this great rpg.


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