True Gaming Song of the Week – June 15, 2008

Hello all its me White Mage Whitney and its time for another Song of the Week here at True Gaming. I had to think hard about this one because there is just so much music to choose from but after I debated for awhile I came up with my choice. I went with a song from one of my favorite RPG’s on the playstation 1 Legend of Dragoon. This game had a great story with a nice twist on the traditional battle system using button presses with each attack to deliver combos to your opponents. Not many turn based rpgs are interactive after you choose attack. The soundtrack was composed by Dennis Martin who unforuntatly has not composed another game soundtrack since he did the music for this game. I hope one day he will do another soundtrack because this first attempt turned out beautiful. The song I choose is  Tsuka no Ma no Yasuragi!

More info on Legend of Dragoon

Here is an interview conducted with Dennis Martin shortly after Legend of Dragoon came out


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