Two-Tailed Playthrough – Jurassic Park (SNES) Parts 1 and 2

Hey everyone it’s time for another Two-Tailed Playthrough and this time it’s Jurassic Park for the SNES! This game loosely follows the movie and you have to complete tasks as Alan Grant in order to get off the island before being eaten by Dennis Nedry. Err, I mean, before being eaten by dinosaurs. In part 1 I head into the Visitor Center and pick up Hammond’s ID card and my first raptor egg. I also go in and out of the room on the top floor a few times to stock up on lots of ammo. Then I head out of the building and into the jungle to the west to reach the Beach Utility Shed where I find Nedry’s ID card. With his card I can now reboot the main computer system after I turn on the power. So I head to the Nublar Utility Shed to do just that.

In part 2 I turn the generator on then head back to the Visitor Center where I reboot the system. Yay power! Now the motion sensors and all the computers on the park are working. With the computers up and running I head into the sub level of the Visitor Center to grab the battery for my Night Vision Goggles. Now I can enter dark rooms in the Visitor Center.


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