Two-Tailed Playthrough – Jurassic Park (SNES) Parts 3 and 4

Hey everyone it’s time for another update and this time it’s parts 3 and 4! Two parts closer to freedom from this island! In part 3 I pick up the battery for my Night Vision Goggles in the Visitor Center then head back to the ground level and into the dark room there to get Grant’s ID card. I have no idea why HIS ID card is somewhere else, but apparently he dropped it and it got moved there by a raptor or something. After that I leave the Visitor Center and head for the Raptor Pen where I once again have to pick up the battery for my goggles before heading further into the pen.

In part 4 I head to the second sub level of the Raptor Pen and search for a way to stop the raptors from getting into the Visitor Center. Once I stop them I leave the pen and head for the ship that’s docked east of the Visitor Center. This is the ship all the workers were getting on to leave the island in the movie. Now it’s crawling with dinosaurs and is still set to leave for the mainland for whatever reason. I dunno maybe it’s on auto pilot or something. Anyway I have to clear it of all the dinosaurs on it and stop it from sailing by using a computer later on. For now I clear out the first level and work my way to the second.


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