Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 2 Part 1

Hello all and its time to begin Breath of Fire 2 on the SNES. This is another one of my all time favorites and have been looking forward to playing it. This is my first shot at doing more then an hour of straight playing but I think it turns out just as good as the shorter parts. I would also like to thank Cornshaq for helping me figure out the xvid codec so that I could shrink my file size down so that even though it is over an hour long its smaller then most of my other videos.

In part one I start off in the town of Gate as just a little kid. After saving my sister her ran off into the mountains she along with my Dad return to town while I stay behind to see if I close my eyes can I see my mother who had died long ago. I return to town to find no one knows who I am. I return home and meet up with a thief and bow user named Bo and the two of use set off in the world together. We head into a cave where a big monster knocks us out. The story moves ahead ten years and now me and Bo are working as muscle for hire. Our first real job is to find a pet for Mina of Windia. So we head to the mountains and after a battle with three harpy sisters we meet a old man living in a shack. We save him from giant roaches and he decides to share dinner with us.We soon discover the dinner is the pet we need to save so we snatch it from the boiler and head back to town.

That night a man visits Bo and asks him to steal something. So Bo does it and runs into a problem and gets almost caught. So now he is a wanted criminal and I need to hide him. I take him to the shack with the old man while I go to find the real thief. I head to Coursair and find out a woman is entered in the tournament thinking it may be the thief I try to enter, but first I need to take out the person who is currently going to fight her. So I head north to a forest and fight Baba and take his axe as proof that I am him. I enter the fight and the promoter says that the fight is rigged and the woman will be shot with poison darts. After meeting Rand who works at the arena I tell him about the darts and he gets two antidotes and gives them both to me after the other fighter refused to take one. The fight happens I save the fighter now known as Katt from the darts. After the battle she joins my team and we go to see the promoter. Rand is already there and a fight begins with all three of us. After that and now with a party of three I take them to the old mans shack. Rand stays to help with repairs while Katt and I go to find the thief. So we head off and run into Nina of Windia who is being messed with by members of the Joker Gang who kidnapped her sister Mina. So after Nina is taken to see the Gangs leader Katt and I follow them. We then begin our way through there hideout.


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