True Gaming Song of the Week – June 22, 2008

Hey everyone its time for another song of the week and this time the pick is from HyruleHillbilly. The song is from the classic arcade game Out Run brought to us by Sega. Now Outrun came out in the arcades in 1987 and will always be very memorable for its large red car sit in arcade unit. The game itself was also memorable for using the simple concept of racing using the third person mode and having a timer to reach each goal. It also had multiple paths to go down as well as selectable songs to enjoy while racing through the game. The song of the week from Out Run is the classic Magical Sound Shower.

The song was composed by Hiroshi Miyauchi who also did the music for other great Sega arcade titles such has Hang-on and After Burner. Hiroshi Miyauchi has moved away from video game soundtracks over the years and started working as a actor on the very largely popular Kamen Rider series of tv shows appearing in many episodes for the series over the years.

For more on Out Run check out

For more information on Hiroshi Miyauchi check out


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