Two-Tailed Playthrough – Jurassic Park (SNES) Parts 9, 10, 11, and 12

Hey everyone it’s time for another update and it’s a big one this time. A Jurassic Park 4 part update bonanza! That’s right, parts 9, 10, 11, and 12 are up and ready for viewing! This is also the last update for Jurassic Park as the 12th part is the last part of the game. I hope you enjoyed the playthrough and stay tuned for my next playthrough, Super Mario RPG!

In part 9 I give myself Level Two Security Clearance from the computer on the second sub level of the ship, then head into the last two levels and clear them of dinosaurs. After that I head to the Raptor Pen to use the computer there to stop the ship from sailing. While I’m there I unlock gate 1 so I can get to my next destination, the North Utility Shed.

In part 10 I head for the North Utility Shed to pick up the Nerve Gas that is needed to take out the Raptor Nest. I also pick up a few eggs on the way there before heading into the shed and getting the Nerve Gas. It’s a pretty small shed so it doesn’t take long to go in and get it. Once I get it I leave the shed and head to the Visitor Center to unlock gate 2 and head to the Raptor Nest, but not before picking up a few more eggs that are around it. Once I pick them up I head inside the nest. It’s a really confusing maze and without a map it can take a very long time to make it through. My first time playing was hell getting through it but thankfully there is a map now and it made things so much easier.

Part 11 is the home stretch. I set the Nerve Gas in the Raptor Nest and make my way out. All that’s left is to use the computer in the ship to call the mainland so they’ll send a helicopter to get me off the island. I also have to pick up the last few eggs before heading to the helipad. Thankfully they are all pretty close together. I head to the computer and call the mainland, then pick up an egg near the ship and head for the helipad. Once there I begin to pick up the last few eggs.

Part 12 is very short. I just pick up the last eggs and head for the helipad. With that the game is over and I am lifted to safety! Huzzah we escaped Jurassic Park! Sadly the ending is terrible and all there is is end credits. Once those are over I enter my name and the game is completely done. I hope you enjoyed this Two-Tailed Playthrough of Jurassic Park. As I said before I will be starting on Super Mario RPG soon so stay tuned. Thanks for watching!


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