Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire Part 2 (Stupid Kid in a Well)

Hello all its me White Mage Whitney, I am finally back for another update I am sure you have all been waiting with great anticipation for another part of Breath of Fire 2 and thats what I am here to give you. This part comes in at about the same as part 1 and hour and thirteen minutes.

In this part I start off by helping Nina who is being assaulted by the Joker Gang. I do this by taking out some gang members and then a fight ensues with the head of the Gang Joker himself. After a long battle and a new party member in Nina I head to Windia. Inside the town we find out Nina has been disowned and even though she saved her sister from a evil gang the Queen still wants nothing to do with her. So we are thrown out the the castle. Thats when we meet Sten who is preforming a magic show. Ryu somehow gets dragged into it and is put in a box and Sten makes it disappear. After some time and Nina and Katt getting impatient Ryu pops out from under the ground and Katt proceeds to attack Sten with her weapon. After that Sten is forgiven and joins the team. It is now off to Captain but first I have to do some training

I do not do to much but I did enough to gain a level and buy some new armor. Then its time to head to captain where the towns water has run dry. Also a random kid went down into the well and even worst yet the townsfolk who went looking for the kid have not returned ether. So its up to the team to go save the day. I run into Ray in the well who informs us about monsters being down there and then one attacks. After the battle we follow Ray who is attacked by another monster and I am left by myself. After proceeding a little farther I find the kid but am attacked by a very large mean turtle Terapin. After a long hard battle the kid is saved but the well is filling back up with water. Ray blocks the flow of water while I save the towns folk who are still down in the well. After saving everyone Ray thanks us and makes us take him to our home. So its back off to the ruins which is now a rather nice looking place. Ray then grants me the renew spell and leaves. I then go back to Captain and meet the first Shaman who after a failed fusion causes Ryu to realize his Dragon Powers. This experiment also leaves the Shaman and the old woman who joins the Shamans with my team, without a place to live. So I take them to Township formerly known as the ruins. They move in and I once again head to Captain. I hire a carpenter then head onto a boat to the other side of the continent before calling it a day.


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