Two-Tailed Playthrough – Super Mario RPG Part 1 “Not Again!”

Hey everyone tonight I bring you my next Two-Tailed Playthrough, Super Mario RPG! I am doing something new with this RPG and that is doing it in hour long parts. I will still post two ten minute parts per day on Youtube but if you want to see more of the run and faster, be sure to check this page.

In this first part we meet our hero, Mario, again, and find that Bowser has kidnapped the princess for the 5th time now. So once again Mario has to rescue her. I head for his castle and storm it and after a short fight defeat Bowser. Then the real fun starts. A sword splits the sky and crashes down into Bowser’s castle sending everyone flying. Mario lands in his house and quickly heads back to the castle to rescue the princess. Once there he doesn’t even get inside because the giant sword tells him the castle is now under the control of the Smithy Gang and destroys the bridge to the castle. With no way to enter the castle Mario returns to his house to tell Toad the news.

Toad is shocked to hear the castle is unreachable and tells us we need to tell the Chancellor of Mushroom Kingdom at once. So I head through Mushroom Way, which is now crawling with monsters. Toad gets captured a couple times and I free him each time, and at the end of the path run into a pair of Hammer Bros. Toad apparently ran into them and they got angry and caught him. After another quick fight Toad is rescued and I pick up a hammer they left behind, Mario’s first weapon. With hammer in hand it’s off to Mushroom Kingdom. Mushroom Kingdom is a happy, peaceful place full of happy Toads. I rush into the castle and tell the Chancellor the news, and he tells me I must get the princess back no matter what the cost. So I head out to find a way to get her back, but not before taking the treasures from the castle cellar.

Upon exiting the castle I witness a crocodile being chased by a “frog”. The Croc stole the “frog”‘s coin and the “frog” couldn’t catch him. So I agree to help him out, thus getting my first partner, Mallow. Mallow has strong magic that will help me out on my journey. We chase the Croc down Mushroom Way and eventually corner him, then kick the crap out of him. He gives back the coin and a wallet then takes off. Happy that he got his coin back Mallow and I head back to Mushroom Kingdom to do what Mallow wanted to do with his coin, trade it to the shopkeeper for something for his Grandfather. Sadly we find Mushroom Kingdom is overrun by Shyguys on Pogosticks, who are led by a big knife named Mack. I take Mack down and pick up my first Star Piece, then head for Tadpole pond through Kero Sewers to talk with Mallow’s Grandfather about the Star Piece and what to do next.

I get a little confused in the Kero Sewers but I make it through and after beating Belome, a weird creature in the sewers, I head down Midas River and finally make it to Tadpole Pond.

I will also upload 11 minute parts to Youtube as usual. Can find the links here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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