Two-Tailed Playthrough – Super Mario RPG Part 2 “Stuck in Geno’s Maze”

Hey everyone it’s time for part two of my Super Mario RPG Playthrough. In this part I get a lot more done and learn the secret behind the star pieces. The first thing I do is talk with Mallow’s Grandfather, Frogfucius, and learn that Toadstool is no longer in Bowser’s Keep. He then tells us some things about Mallow and gives us his first weapon, the Froggiestick. With that he sends us off to Rose Town which is having some problems with mysterious arrows being shot from the forest. These arrows are paralyzing everyone they hit turning them into human statues. While it’s fun to mess with the frozen people I head into the forest after buying some new armor and look for the source of the arrows.

The forest is pretty linear for a while but it soon becomes a maze similar to the lost woods. This is Geno’s Maze. An old man in Rose Town told me some directions to go in this maze to find some hidden treasure, so I do that first then follow Geno through the maze. At the end of the maze we find a bow creature named Bowyer is responsible for all the arrows. He also has a Star Piece. So I take him down after a bit of a fight then claim my second Star Piece. At this point Geno is officially a member of my party and he explains what the Star Pieces really are. With Star Piece in hand I head back to Rose Town and find it a much livelier place than before and everyone is free from the arrows. After a quick rest at the inn I head to my next destination, the Pipe Vault. The Pipe Vault is an optional area that leads to Yo’ster Isle, which I go through to unlock for later. I fiddle around on the island for a bit then head on to Moleville. There seems to be some sort of a problem at Moleville so I pick up some new weapons and armor then start investigating.

Part 5 (Youtube):

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:


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