FF4 “Rosa? What are you talking about?” Part 5

Welcome back to Scarlet Moon Studios presents Final Fantasy 4. In today’s segment we bring to you the fight against the Third Elemental Fiend. The Beautiful, Valvalis of Wind. Valvalis of the Wind is also known as Barbaricia in Japan. She is my second favorite of the Four Fiends. The Final Fiend is my absolute favorite, but we will get to him later. So our heroes make their way to the top only to be confronted with…Golbez.. Yes the man we have sought for finally confronts us, however, we are to weak to face him. Master Tellah steps up and takes him on.. One on One.. During this fight Master Tellah uses the almighty Meteo!

What other suprizes are in store for our heroes in the next episode of…Dragon Ball…er…Nevermind.


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