Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 2 Part 3 (Trials and Tribulations of Gold Fly Pudding)

Hello all its time for another update from White Mage Whitney this time I am doing this from a relatives house in North Carolina. Even though I am on vacation I still wanted to make sure I got a new part out for of you to watch. This part is my longest yet coming in at over an hour and a half. So lets get going with the description

In this part I start off in a small forest where I meet Jean who has been turned into a giant frog. I decide to help him out and have to go to the witches tower near by. So after resting up I head off to the witches tower. Everyone else who went to the tower seems to be turned into stone. So I make my way up to the top and meet with Nimufu the witch who has a thing for turning men into stone. After a small conversation a fight begins and afterwards she tells us that Jean just needs a kiss from a young girl to free him. So I head back to the forest and have Nina kiss him even though she isn’t quite sure she wants to lol. Jean turns back into normal form which is a anthropomorphic frog. He is the prince of Sima Fort which is our next destination.

When arriving in Simafort we find out that the Jean we met is the real prince but there is a imposter acting as prince and throws the Jean we met into Jail. Jean’s sister asks us to help her out and of course we do since she destroyed the boat we were going to take back to shore. The first step is getting back the royal ring which Jean gave to Nimufu. So we head to the Wild Cat Inn a resturant where the weak are cooked and fed to the strong. They are having a witch party and Nimufu is there.  We find her in the bathroom and she tells us the ring fell into the toilet so we go after it. After returning the ring to Jean we find out that the imposter has a royal ring as well so that didn’t work. It is then decided that a cooking contest we take place with Jean versus the Imposter.  So it is up to Ryu and the team to get the ingridients. Once going to the basement we see the Gold Fly Jean needs to make his famous Gold Fly Pudding. The fly beats up a soilder and we follow it. While chasing after it we meet a giant worm and do battle. After killing it we get a piece of the worm which is another item we needed for the cooking contest. After the battle I go back and heal up and buy some new equipment then head back to the basement. In the other direction we find a lot of cockroaches ending with a giant one that is item number two for the contest. After the giant roach its time for the Gold Fly itself and after a rather tough battle we return the items to Jean. The contest goes in favor of the imposter since the judges were being forced to vote for the imposter or else they would be killed. Afterward Jean’s sister runs to the basement where a self destruct button is located. Down there we finally do battle with the imposter and find out there is not self destruct button but insted was a legendary sword. After this Jean is reinstated as prince and joins the party full time.


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