High Speed Walkthrough – Balloon Fight

Greetings to all in VG Land.

We’re going back in time to the earliest days of the NES. Balloon Fght was one of the systems launch titles. If you’re arround my age then there’s a good chance you might have had this in your nes collection. (I was old enough then to survive my early vears through the Atari Age.) And you could never forget the games main theme, which plays during balloon trip & bonus stages. I rememer it to this day. The game plays just like the arcade classic Joust, where you defeat your enemy by flapping higher upon contact. Then knocking them off stage before he can take flight again. This game can be alot of fun with 2 player co-op mode but be careful not to collide with the other player which could result in his/her death. Another feature in this gam is the balloon trip to nowhere. It’s fun but very challenging and continues without end.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!


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