Two-Tailed Playthrough – Super Mario RPG Part 3 “Old enemies, new allies”

Hey everyone welcome to part 3. In this part I discover the calamity of Moleville is two children and an adult are stuck in the mine. No one can get into the mine so it’s up to me to rescue everyone since Mario is the only one who can jump high enough to get in. So I make my way through the mine and run into Croco again, who steals all my coins and takes off. When I finally catch him I fight him again and when he’s down I get my coins back and a bomb, which is needed to go deeper into the mine to where the kids are. I find the missing adult, the kids’ father, waiting by a wall that was caved in and we use the bomb to blow it away. Shortly after going through I run into Punchinello, the cause of the cave in and next boss. He also has the third Star Piece.Punchinello goes down after a bit of a fight and his big bomb blows up, covering the party in soot. The Star Piece gives them a shower of sorts and cleans the soot off them. With the third Star Piece in hand I head deeper into the mine and finally find the kids, Dyna and Mite. We all ride back in a minecart and the parents are happy to see their kids alive and well.

With the crisis over I rest at the inn and pick up a few items before heading on to Booster’s Tower. Standing at the entrance to the tower I find Bowser, contemplating his next move. While he thinks we find that Toadstool is stuck on the balcony at the top floor of the tower. Bowser decides to join me by letting me join his Koopa Troop and we make our way through the tower to rescue the Princess.After I reach the top I fight Knife Guy and Grate Guy, who are the toughest bosses so far, even if they don’t seem like it. They go down somewhat fast and the party jumps off the balcony to give chase to Booster who took off with the Princess. Booster runs up Booster Hill and to Marrymore where he plans to marry the Princess.

Youtube Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12:


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