FF4 “The Bride needs Makeup!” End

Well everyone we all knew this day would come. Today marks the end of Final Fantasy 4 presented by Scarlet Moon Studios. In this final segment I exploit the level glitch in the Babil Giant and make my way to Zemus’ Lair. Zemus is also known as Zeromus in this version, and in the Japanese version, Archimus. Please Enjoy the little preview video before the ending. I find it to be quite funny and thought it was a good choice for what you are about to see, The song is by a person or group named Hyadain, the translation however…I do not know.

I would also like to annouce that I will be taking another vacation from videos. This will be common after I finish each game. However this time is slightly different. Currently I am taking a summer course at my college and I would like to concentrate on that fully. Once that is done, however, I will be back WITH A VENGENCE!


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