Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 2 Part 4 (A Whale of a Tale)

Hello all it is I White Mage Whitney back not only to True Gaming but finally back home after an exausting 3 week vacation to visit relatives in three different states. Since I am home I figured everyone would want to see my next part of Breath of Fire 2 and here it is another solid hour of BOF 2 action.

In this part I start off by using Jean’s ability to by pass a lot of the overworld map and return to hometown in order to free Bow’s name from being associated as a thief. After we show the real thief Bow is asked to once again steal……yes we just spent like 3 hours convincing everyone Bow is not a thief and now I have to steal with Bow again. So Ryu and Bow together break into the same house Bow broke into the first time but this time they discover that Trout has being keeping thieves hostage and making them collect money for him. I save Patty the thief who we had to chase all over the world and while doing so Trout finds us and a battle begins. It is after this that we truly realize that something evil is going on. Near the town of Gate where the game started the forest that surrounds the town dies and a large monster has appeared. I of course will investigate so the group heads off for more adventure.

I need to find the plant man who will help us find out what happened to the trees. The thing is the plant man is being held as part of a circus sideshow and the circus is on an island with the town of Tunlan (woo) So I need a way to get to Tunlan so I stop by the famous Whale Caves and find out that the caves are really an old sleeping whale. After I travel through the whale in one of the weirdest dungeons so far I come across an evil doll that is making the whale sleepy. I take out the doll and Grandpa the Whale is awakened and since I helped him awake and get rid of the doll he decides to give me a ride whenever I need one. So its off to Tunlan but once I arrive at the circus I find out the Plant Man is about to be eaten because no one cares about him any more. The only way to save him is by capturing a rare animal or paying a lot of money. Well since I don’t have the money I head off to find a monster. In a small cave near Coursair I find the Uparupa which is just the kind of rare animal I need. So after a battle I decide to let it go insted of capturing it and it grants me a prize of a new sword. I go back to the circus tell the guy he will get no creature or money from me and what a shock a battle begins. After a pretty easy battle I have saved the Plant Man who is named Spar and he joins the group.


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