True Gaming Song of the Week – July 20, 2008

Hello all its time for another Song of the Week and its yours truely White Mage Whitney with another pick. For my pick I went back to the days of the Super Nintendo which easily has some of the best soundtracks ever composed. One of my favorite games for the SNES is Secret of Mana which was put out by Sqauresoft. It was officially the second game in Seiken Densetsu series with the first being Final Fantasy Adventure. The thing that made the game so fun was the action based battle system. It was like combining the best of Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy into one great game.

With it being a Squaresoft title it should not shock anyone that it has a great soundtrack. It was composed by Hiroki Kikuta and was his first soundtrack. He has since composed soundtracks for other great games including this games sequel Seiken Densetsu 3 and the first game in the Shadow Hearts franchise Koudelka. The whole soundtrack of Secret of Mana is great but I had to choose just one song so I went with Tell a Strange Tale.

For more information on Secret of Mana check out

For more information on Hiroki Kikuta check out,61509/


One Response to “True Gaming Song of the Week – July 20, 2008”

  1. An interesting choice of song, but I can definitely say it is one of the more addictive ones in the game. Someday I will get round to bringing back a project I had in mind of re-doing the whole soundtrack on guitar, and this is one of the tracks that I always thought would sound best on the acoustic.

    Definitively one of the greatest and most memorable soundtracks in videogaming history.

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