Game Music Appreciation Theater – Top Gun 1 and 2

Hey everyone its time for another update from me and with it is a new Game Music Appreciation Theater. It is for both Top Gun games on the NES. The reason for both games in one is simple Top Gun really didn’t have enough songs for a GMAT of its own. Both of these games have been critized but they really brought forth the flight sim genre that continues today. The two soundtracks were composed by two different teams Top Gun 1 was composed by Kyouhei Sada and Kazuki Muraoka. Sada also worked on Contra and Abadox, Muraoka is one of the main composers for the Metal Gear series doing music for almost every game in the series. Top Gun: The Second Mission was composed by Harumi Ueko, Yuichi Sakakura, and H. Maezawa. Sakakura work on two of the TMNT games, Ueko also did work on some TMNT games as well as the silent scope series and Maezawa worked on Contra, Super C, and Lethal Enforcers. Enjoy!!!


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