Two-Tailed Playthrough – Super Mario RPG Part 4 “Sink and Walk”

Hey everyone sorry for the delay in getting this part up. Had some issues with my mic and emulator but I got it sorted out and was able to get the next part done. In this part I crash Booster’s wedding and rescue the princess (for the 6th time now), then fight the angry cooks and their cake. They made a mean cake (no pun intended) but it goes down easy and we can finally leave. I take the princess back to her kindom and we tell the Chancellor about all that’s happened. The princess has to sneak out of the castle to join me again but when she does she’s mine for good (or until Bowser captures her again, but that’s another game). So it’s off to Tadpole Pond to ask Frogfucius about the whereabouts of the next star.

He tells us he heard of a Star falling on Star Hill, the place where wishes are granted. So I head there and get the only star in the game I don’t have to fight for. If only they were all this easy. With that star in hand I proceed onward to Seaside town. The town looks peaceful but you can just tell something is wrong. The elder seems like he was waiting for me and asks me to get him the star that fell into the Sea. So I head into the Sea where I do a nifty level up trick to get me a few fast levels, then proceed into my favorite area of the game, the Sunken Ship. The ship was attacked by a giant squid (go figure) and sunk into the ocean. The crew managed to trap the squid in the treasure hold but they lost the treasure because of that. I eventually fight said squid and defeat it, then go further in and fight Johnny Jones for the Star. Johnny is a tough cookie (not really) but he goes down easy and gives me the star and his friendship (yay?).When I head back to town I find the Elder and his followers waiting for me. He reveals himself as Yaridovich, one of Smithy’s followers (did anyone not suspect that?) and demands the Star. Fearing he’ll do something to the townsfolk (not really, just wanted to save time) I hand over the star only to chase after him and fight him for it. Yaridovich and his cronies are waiting for their ship, which is late, and when they see me they decide to swim for it. Before they can jump in the sea Johnny and a couple of his crew members jump out and stop him.

Johnny is none too happy about them stealing the star he gave to his mate and is ready to clobber him. I’m all for letting him kill Yaridovich but his crew members stop him, telling him I should do it. So Yaridovich and his cronies combine and transform into (Voltron! No I’m lying) a giant… thing and the battle begins. He’s not too hard but it’s a little lengthy but I take him down in the end. With him defeated I get the star back and the key to the shed where the real villagers were being held. After freeing everyone I can make use of the shops.

Youtube Part 13:

Part 14:

Part 15:

Part 16:


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