True Gaming Song of the Week – July 27, 2008

It is time for another Song of the Week and this time its another pick from hyrulehillbilly. The song he has chosen is from one of the greatest video games to ever come out Final Fantasy VI. FF6 is easily one of the best rpgs of all time especially before the 3d era began in gaming. The sprite work of the game is just stunning for the time of its relase. Not many people appreciate the detail that went into each character sprite and the amount of animation each character had. The story was well truely epic and is one of the few times where the bad guy actually succeded in his plan. Kefka destroyed the rules and gained godlike power is the process throwing the entire world into chaos.

The soundtrack was composed by Nobuo Uematsu who is responsible for all of the Final Fantasy soundtracks up until Final Fantasy 10 but worked on almost all games with Final Fantasy in the title.  His music is so beloved many tribute conserts and albums have been relased over the years. Uematsu still composes music for video games as well as works with his rock band the Black Mages who preform mainly remixes of Final Fantasy music. The song of the week for this week is the theme of Kefka.

For more information on Final Fantasy 6 check out

For more information on Nobuo Uemetsu check out,33339/


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