High Speed Walkthrough – Bandai Baseball: Legends of the Diamond

If I post it they will come.

Greetings to all in VG Land. This week we enter a relm where all of America’s greatest baseball legends’ paths through space and time collide. Baseball historians and fans alike have often wondered how the stars of past eras would fare against each other on the field. Unfortunately this game falls flat in it’s tracks and they will just have to keep dreaming. The mismatched preformance of each player (the Babe couldnt even get a fly ball to deep out field and then a lesser known player knocks one out of the park) together with the unresponsive fieding controlls and generic music is what brings down what couldv’e been a truly remarkible experiennce. Though there are some features that are mildly good. Such as batter character sprites matching the legend’s apppearance. It’s quite short for a baseball title. The player only needs to win four in a row to complete it. Cant wait for Bases Loaded with it’s full season of 100+ games to play. 

Ayway, I hope you enjoy the ride.


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