True Gaming Song of the Week – August 3, 2008

Hey everyone its time for another great song of the week and this one was the first one chosen by Hero Of Southtown. For his first choice he went with a song from not only one of the best rpg’s on the playstation but also one of the most expensive to get a hold of. Suikoden II. The Suikoden series brought some pretty cool things to the table with a six person battle system, a tactical war system, 108 characters to recruit to form your army, and of course a great soundtrack. The soundtrack was composed by Miki Higashino who not only work on Suikoden I, IV, and V but also work on other great games such as Contra 3, Vandal Hearts, and the Gradius series.  The song of the week is Children Playing in the Fields.

For more information on Suikoden II check out

For more information on Miki Higashino check out


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