True Gaming Song of the Week August 17, 2008

Hey everyone welcome to another edition of True Gaming, Song of the Week. My choice for this week is The Tale of Icewind Dale [Movie 1], composed by the marvelous Jeremy Soule, for Icewind Dale. Icewind Dale is a PC game that came out June 20th, 2000. The title is a wonderful RPG based off of the D&D THAC0 engine.

Now Jeremy Soule is who we are supposed to be talking about here so let me get to it. Jeremy Soule is another American Composer. He has done a wide variety of video game music such as: Dungeon Siege 1 and 2, Guild Wars and its expansions, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and Oblivion. Despite these great achievements already stated he did one project that is completely unexpected, Secret of Evermore. Now everyone knows Secret of Evermore was developed by Square. This is the only time Square ever hired an American composer for their music.

For more info on Icewind Dale or Jeremy Soule check out these sites:


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