Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 2 Part 5 (Highfort time for some Monkey Business)

Hello everyone I am finally back I know it has been a long time since my last update. I won’t bore you with all the details but I got a new job that has me working a lot more then I used to as well as I had a bunch of computer issues which ended with me just buying a brand new one. Thankfully I was able to save all of my video stuff so once I finally got the new pc I was able to continue my Breath of Fire 2 run. So lets get going with part number 5.

In this part I start off by heading to the Great Tree Spar mentioned once we added him to the party. The tree needs a dream pillow which is held at Tunlan (Woo) The thing is we need a special flute to communicate with the citizens of Tunlan. The location of this flute is in Highfort hometown of Sten. So thats where Ryu and friends head. I do a little training which takes up about ten minuets or so of video so that is just a warning for those who do not like training just go ahead and skip that part. Once inside Highfort we find out Sten is actually a pretty famous person here and that he ran away after a great battle. Things have changed in Highfort and a new power has taken control. Sten runs off and leaves it up to Ryu to get the flute. After walking into a important war meeting and being dropped into a prison I take back control of Sten. Sten while looking for Ryu runs into an old friend Trubo who is not happy with Sten and a battle ensues. I pulled off a miracle in this one I didn’t think I had a chance but somehow I got a to dodge twice in a row on the final move so I could hit my flame off. After the battle Trubo and Sten agree to work together to stop the new power Shupkay from unleashing a new weapon which needs the Princess of Highfort in order to power. After a small dungeon Sten is back with Ryu and company and I continue on my path of Shupkay. When we finally meet a battle begins and its one of the easiest bosses so far even at my not so high level. After the battle parts of the castle begin to collasp and we must escape. Sten stays behind to help us get out and after which the princess gives us the flute we need to talk to the folks of Tunlan. On the way out we meet up with Sten and being to head to Tunlan.


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