True Gaming Song of the Week – August 31, 2008

Hello all its time for another song of the week choice from me White Mage Whitney. I had to think about my choice for this week for a little bit but I started playing a certain game again and choose a song from it. The game I picked from just had a new sequel come out which I really want to play but I have to wait to get a ps3. Yep I choose a song from the Disgaea series in particular Disgaea 2. Disgaea is a wonderful series of Tactical RPG’s that are filled with not only awesome animation but a good humorous story as well. Disgaea 2 is not as good as the original in a lot of peoples eyes but one thing I think we can agree on is it had a great soundtrack composed by Tenpei Sato. Tenpei Sato is the main composer for Nippon Ichi composing the soundtracks to not only Disgaea but also Phantom Brave, La Pucelle, Rhapsody, and Soul Nomad. Sato has a unique style that comes from many different genres but it is usually very upbeat and goes great with the Nippon Ichi games. The song I have chosen for this weeks Song of the Week is Prinny My Love.

For more information on Disgaea 2 check out

For more information on Tenpei Sato check out


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