Game Plays of a Mage – Breath of Fire 2 Part 6 (God Save the Fat Queen)

Hello all its time for another update from your truly White Mage Whitney and its time for more Breath of Fire 2. So without further ado lets get going with the update

In this part I leave Highfort and take a small trip to small oasis in the desert to find the home of Bleu the great Sorceress from Breath of Fire 1. Bleu is not home at the moment so I head to Home to find Bleu studying in the magic school. After only a small conversation Bleu joins my party so now I have all the members of my group.  I then head to Tunlan armed with the magic flute so that I can communicate with the towns people. I soon find out that the Queen has a weight problem and without help she is going to die. Since I need the treasure of Tunlan the dream pillow I decide to help out. I find out a old man who was fired from Tunlan is the only hope. So Ryu and the Gang head to a small island to find the old man. After he joins up and we take him back to Tunlan he says he needs some stuff to help the Queen. So its back to that small island to get some supplies. After arriving the old mans assistant helps us out but sends us to the top of the island to find a specific mushroom. After I have the mushroom I can return to Tunlan with everything I have and find out that I will need to journey into the queen to fight the fat one on one.

The old man with the supplies we gathered is able to shrink the party down and send them inside the Obese Queen to fight the fat. Inside the Queen it becomes a game of hide a seek as I head from area to area inside the queen fighting all the enemies that I can find. With each battle the Queen begins to loose weight and after only a little while the Queen is thin again. With the Queen thin I leave the body and the people of Tunlan grant me the treasure of Tunlan the Dream pillow. With the Dream Pillow I can head to the great tree and enter inside the mind of the tree to the place of memory. This is easily one of the weirder places in the game and after walking between the three towns of Memory the first town turns into the Tower of Memory. The tower is a pain in the butt dungeon which you can see far but not near. After journeying through I make it to the top and do battle with the enemy that is causing the memory loss the monster was also responsible for making the towns people of Gate loose their memory of Ryu at the beginning of the game. With the Tree gaining its memory back its time to head to our next location.


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