High Speed Walkthrough – The Bard’s Tale: Tales Of The Unkown – Part I

Greatings to all in VG Land.

The legendary town of Skara Brae need our help! The evil wizard, Mangar, has locked the city in an endless winter, trapping the citizens who are threatened by the hordes of monsters that rampage through the streets. We gather a party of six adventurers in an attempt to reach the good wizard Kylearan who was trapped in his tower by Mangar so that he can give us what we need to defeat Mangar and free Skara Brae.

Part 1

The wizard Kylearn is indeed trapped. The gate to his tower is magically sealed. We have to look for something to break in and break him out. Our quest leads us to the sewars. That’s the only accessible dungeon for now. There’s gotta be something of importance down there.

Hope you’ll enjoy the ride!



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