True Gaming Song of the Week – September 7, 2008

Hey everyone its time for another song of the week chosen by Hyrule Hillbilly. The game this weeks song comes from is Onimusha Warlords the first game in the Onimusha series. Onimusha had a mix of great action, puzzle solving, and little horror to make a awesome combination. Capcom the company that made the game has always been known for quality and Onimusha showed off there brillance once again. The soundtrack for Onimusha was composed by Mamoru Samuragoch who did a brillant Orchestral soundtrack that is just as memorable as the game itself. Unforuntatly Samuragoch is only credited with this games soundtrack and not much information is out there about him. The song of the week is the first song you here in Onimusha the Intro song or Rising Sun 1st Movement.

For more information on Onimusha check out


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