SMRPG “Let’s start a new fate…” Part 9

Venus: Seems like one problem leads to another!

Venus: It seems that Sin merged with Apsu to keep her alive!

Venus: Now, Sailor Moon wants to return to the Tower of Time and to go face to face with the Demon Apsu herself!

Venus: What awaits her there?

Venus: Will Apsu’s ambitions finally succeed!?

Venus: Next on Sailor Moon: Another Story, Final Episode: Let’s start a new fate…

Venus: The fate of the World is in your hands…

Mars: Th, This must be a dream…

Moon: Venus is acting all serious…

Mercury: Could this be a sign of terrible things to come?

Jupiter: It’s the end of the world!


Saturn and Chibi Moon: Dooooood! Everybody, run!!

Everyone: *Screaming*

Venus: …They’re gonna get it.


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