True Gaming Song of the Week – September 14, 2008

Hey everyone it’s a new week and time for an new song this week is the Hero of Southtown’s choice. For this week i chose “Bury My Shell on Wounded Knee” from The teenage Mutant Ninja turtles in time.
When you play that great beat em up for the snes this is the first song i can remember. A run of the game will be put up shortly by yours truly but anyways.This song and well whole soundtrack was written and composed by Kozo Nakamura. Nakamura isnt exactly the most famous composer to come out of japan but the work he did leave us was very memorable. Kozo Nakamura worked on almost all of the other TMNT games including the Aracade games as well as Monsters in my Pocket for the nes.

For more information on Kozo Nakamura check out,133231/.

For more information on Turtles in Time check out


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